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Who am I?

john from dpfts.org
John from dpfts.org

Hello everyone, my name is John McLaren and I am the author and the owner of this blog, which is dedicated to health and everything that has any possible connection to this topic, the importance of which for people can never be overestimated, I guess. So, this is exactly what we try to cover in our blog, both providing useful links to the resources and materials published in the Internet accompanied with detailed analysis of those with our own comments and thoughts.

What is this site about?

The key idea of this activity is to make information about health more available to the general public in all its possible forms and ways – be it nutrition, cosmetics and make-up, fitness and finally, of course, various pharmaceutical products and remedies, which unfortunately most often cannot be avoided by most people as a solution for their health problems or even as a satisfaction of their daily needs.

How we do pharmacy reviews?

Here we are not only making reviews of various resources, where one can actually purchase the needed drugs and products, but also try to recommend and advise those, where one can obtain some useful information about various treatment schemes and methods, including both alternative, i.e. traditional, and conservative methods, as well as various innovations and novelties.

Please, visit our site and we hope that you will find something for yourself as well.

Contact us and feedback`s.

Also, please don’t hesitate to contact me and send some feedback. I like it!

Pavel (Moscow): That is really a very useful resource, I found everything that I expected and even more. They cover most popular resources and put it in a really interesting and attractive manner, so that you feel like reading not just a blog but a science fiction novel. The only problem is that all the information is in English, so I am lucky that I have good command of it.

Emmanuel (Spain): Absolutely awesome and amazing resource, I was actually wondering whether this guy earns something with it or is a pure charity? Hope you do, Jhon.

George (US): Good international, I would even dare to say, global coverage, impressed that an individual, not a company, can afford to create something like that.