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Wood, Laminate, & Vinyl Adhesives

A wood floor adhesive or hardwood adhesive refers to a type of solution used to install the floor surface planks to the subfloor or underlayment. For some wood or laminate installations, you may need floor glue. These individual planks are designed to be glue-down only which means you will need flooring glue for your project as opposed to nails or a click and lock system.

Depending on where you are installing your floor, it may require a different type of floor adhesive. Sub-grade installments, such as basements or cellars, may need a different type of flooring adhesive than the wood floor glue used for an above-grade installation. What type of flooring you are installing would also play a factor. For instance, a hardwood adhesive will be slightly different than the flooring glue you would use for laminate.

The most popular type of wood flooring glue is urethane glue. This floor adhesive is in a solid form and won’t evaporate in the air. This flooring adhesive forms a solid rubber structure between the surface and top of the subfloor.

Regardless of what type of wood floor glue you need, Floor and Decor has you covered. We have a wide selection ensuring you get the exact wood floor adhesive needed for your project.

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