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Why Choose Walnut Wood Flooring?

Walnut hardwood flooring is an attractive and durable product that can upgrade the look of your home and fit well with many decorating styles. Walnut floors have a large color range and even though it’s one of the softer species of domestic hardwood floors, its natural coloring tends to hide dents and scratches, particularly when it has a more matte sheen.

Walnut wood flooring comes in a variety of size widths and shades, including black walnut flooring. These light, medium and dark colors work in a variety of home styles and tastes including contemporary and classic. Dark walnut hardwood floors are growing in popularity and look great against a bright trim. The contrast of the dark walnut is beautiful and adds dimension and elegance. Black walnut flooring and other colors of walnut flooring can be cleaned easily and add a luxurious touch to any room. Essentially, it just takes a sweep and occasional mopping to keep it clean and tidy.

Walnut Wood Color Options

Walnut wood comes in a variety of shades and colors. We offer natural walnut, brown, rust/orange, white, and assorted multicolor options. Walnut wood floors are extremely versatile in their color pallet and can work well with any design choice. Choose from light, medium, or dark walnut flooring to find the best fit for your home.

Walnut Wood Flooring Frequently Asked Questions

Is walnut a good hardwood floor?

Walnut hardwood is a very good option when it comes to flooring. The wood is resilient to moisture and can be re-sanded many times. The color of walnut is very natural which allows it to hide scratches and dents easily. In terms of durability, walnut is one of the softest North American flooring woods making it more susceptible to scratches or dents.

How do you maintain walnut flooring?

Routine sweeping and dusting can go a long way in helping maintain the overall health of your floor. This will help keep dust, dirt, and debris from collecting on your floors. Vacuuming also ensures smaller dust and dirt particles get cleaned.

Does walnut darken with age?

Walnut does not get darker with age. It gets lighter and a rich amber honey color will start to come through the grain.