Vinyl & Resilient Flooring

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The Best Vinyl Flooring at the Lowest Prices

Vinyl flooring is famed for its many advantages, like its high levels of durability, easy installation, and low-maintenance nature. Choose from a wide range of high quality vinyl plank flooring solutions for the whole home at Floor & Decor.

Uses and Forms of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is very versatile, allowing it to be used in many different rooms and spaces around the house. It can work nicely in hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms, thanks to its capacities of withstanding high levels of foot traffic and lasting for years with minimal maintenance.

And when it comes to colors and styles, there are so many vinyl plank flooring options to choose from. You can opt for pet-friendly vinyl flooring for homes with dogs and cats, luxury wood-look vinyl to add grace and elegance to a living room, or classic peel and stick vinyl if you need something quick and easy to install.

Frequently Asked Vinyl Flooring Questions

What are the different types of vinyl flooring?

There are many different types of vinyl flooring, including luxury vinyl flooring, which is known for its high quality and beautiful aesthetics, as well as sheet vinyl and plank vinyl. Homeowners will need to consider various factors, like budget, to decide on the right type.

Is vinyl flooring waterproof?

Vinyl flooring is water-resistant and can cope with spills, splashes, wet feet, and other forms of moisture with ease. This allows it to work well in bathrooms and kitchens.

How long does vinyl flooring typically last?

The average set of vinyl plank flooring will last for up to 20 years, on average, but may last longer with proper maintenance and care.