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Order the Best Underlayment Installation Materials

Underlayment is essential for many flooring projects. You can find the best underlayment and installation materials right here with Floor & Decor, all from trusted, superior brands like Sentinel, Connexion, and Roberts. We offer a wide range of underlayments, flooring subfloor materials, and associated items.

The Finest Underlayment and Flooring Subfloor

When it comes to laying flooring, underlayment plays an important role. Acting as a flooring subfloor, underlayment is usually made of fiber, cork, fiber, rubber, or foam. It is placed beneath the primary flooring materials and helps to soften the floor, absorb sound, insulate the room, protect the flooring from wear and tear, and offer other benefits.

Buy the Best Underlayment from Floor & Decor

If you're looking for the very best underlayment, Floor & Decor offers a wide range of products to meet your needs. From moisture and vapor barrier underlayments to protect fragile floors to muffler underlayments that can aid with soundproofing and eco-friendly underlayments for green projects, you'll find all you need right here, at the best prices.

  • A wide selection of underlayments and flooring subfloors
  • Choose from felt, cork, polyethylene, and other underlayment materials
  • Buy from trusted and established brands like Sentinel
  • The most affordable underlayment items
  • Order online for quick and convenient delivery or shop in-store

Check out the full range of underlayment materials and subfloor installation products from Floor & Decor on this page and place your order today.