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The Best Peel and Stick Tile Flooring at the Lowest Prices

Peel and stick tile flooring is famed for its super easy installation and low-maintenance design. You can choose from a wide selection of the finest peel and stick vinyl floor tiles here at Floor & Decor, with the best prices, guaranteed.

Uses and Forms of Vinyl Floor Tiles

Peel and stick vinyl floor tiles can be used in various rooms around the house. They can work well in entryways, hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, and other spaces, offering simple installation and good resistance to foot traffic.

There are various forms of peel and stick tile flooring to choose from. Marble-look vinyl floor tiles are ideal for bringing the elegance and beauty of marble into a room without a high price tag, while mosaic and pattern vinyl floor tiles can work well for decorative purposes in halls and entrances.

Frequently Asked Peel and Stick Tile Flooring Questions

What are the benefits of peel and stick tile flooring?

The biggest benefit of using peel and stick flooring is how easy it is to install. As the name suggests, you only have to peel away the back layer and then stick the flooring down into position, in any room you like.

Can peel and stick tile flooring be installed over existing flooring?

It should be possible to install peel and stick tiles over most other flooring surfaces, like existing tiles or vinyl floors. The surface may need some form of preparation and cleaning beforehand, and a professional installation expert can help with this.

What is the installation process for peel and stick tile flooring?

To install peel and stick flooring, the existing floor will first need to be cleaned and prepared. Then, the back layer of the tiles can be peeled away to reveal the adhesive, and each tile can then be placed and stuck in position.